Eyal's Guide to Gluten Free Restaurants

Gluten Free Restaurants – Nationwide

Here are some recommendations for Israel Gluten Free Restaurants – Nationwide around Israel

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Israel Inside Out does not accept any responsibility for Kashrut of these establishments. Users should not assume that they are Kosher and concerned users should verify independently if the Kashrut level meets their requirement.


Israel Inside Out does not accept any responsibility for the gluten free status of these establishments, however, the list is prepared with diligence by the family of a celiac in order to help fellow celiacs. You are urged to independently verify that they meet your requirements. The information provided here is believed to be correct at the time of publication – but conditions may vary on a given day. Please verify when you order – tell the staff “lelo gluten” Please update us if you have new information.



Masho… Tov etzel Josef and Louis

(translates to – Something good at Josef and Louis Place)

Vegetarian health food, Variety of Mediterranean, French and Italian dishes

  • Gluten-Free menu: Variety of Gluten-Free dishes
  • Address: 48 Ben-Gurion st, Herzelia
  • Tel: +972-57- 9442783


Ototo Pizza

Pizza & Pasta


  • Gluten-Free menu:

o   Pizza

Tito Bravo

Italian restaurant – pizza


  • Gluten-Free menu:

o   You can look at the Tito Bravo Gluten Free Menu

o   Gluten-Free Pizza

  • Address:

o   12 Shamai St, Jerusalem

  • Tel: +972-2-6255585



Uri Buri


  • Gluten-Free menu:

o   There is no special Gluten-Free dishes.  The waiters and chef are aware, ask for Gluten-Free and they will share the options with you

  • Address:

o   Hahagana (near the lighthouse), Akko

  • Tel: +972-4-9552212
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