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Israel Inside Out – Introduction and Purpose

Israel Inside Out is dedicated to providing up to date information to allow visitors to Israel to explore, tour and enjoy our country more effectively, economically and with the greatest possible enjoyment.

As such we have invested time, energy and resources to research the data that we present on this website to ensure that it is as accurate, fair and representative as possible. However, describing a country in one website is an impossible task.

Limitation of Information Accuracy – General

Facilities, opening times and many other details of sites can and will change for example, due to schedule changes or temporary changes driven by local holidays and prevailing conditions. Likewise changes at the sites may result in a more or less positive experience, and as humans we are all different and so your opinion and experience maybe very different to that of somebody else.  You are invited to notify us of errors and we will verify and correct them.

Limitation of Information Accuracy – Special Interest Groups

We have tried to provide information addressing the needs of different interested groups with as much care and diligence as possible, but if wheelchair access or a gluten free diet is important to you then we encourage you to verify access with the place that you plan to visit and to check all food and restaurant menus for the current position, not least because there might have been changes since we collected our information.

Failure to Recommend or List a Place, Activity or Service

Failure to recommend a place or activity maybe for one or more reason – because we don’t know about it, we haven’t¬† managed to complete our research at this time, we don’t consider it of interest or that we don’t recommend the place or service or for other reasons. You are invited to make your own judgment and if you feel that we have missed out something important then please feel free to contact us.

Forums & Comments

We encourage our users to comment on items or promote discussion through the site forum and to improve our data where possible (here). We have tried to provide data cross references were possible and readers are encouraged to get up to date information before visiting any location.
We will moderate all comments and will not tolerate abusive, defamatory or similar comments. We will allow users to publish poor ratings if we judge that this will help other users and improve the general standard of tourist services available in Israel. The responsibility for these comments remains exclusively that of the comment authors.

Advertising on Israel Inside Out

We have tried to provide quality adverts on our site from businesses that we know or via reputable on line ad solutions. The responsibility for the accuracy of the ads remains that of the businesses advertising and the decision to purchase remains that of you our readers.

Limitation of Liability

Israel Inside Out does not charge for the information that we provide. The information provided on this site is supplied “as is” and no responsibility or liability is implied or accepted for errors of any sort by Israel Inside Out, its owners or employees (permanent or temporary.) Users are encouraged to make the necessary arrangements to verify any critical data and subjective opinions are exactly that – subjective opinions; that others may agree or disagree with; based on their own experience.

Israel Inside Out recommends many places in Israel. We urge that all visitors exercise the degree of attention and caution required. All activities have some element of risk which can be considerably increased by weather conditions, physical & mental conditions of the visitor and many other conditions outside our control. Some activities have an obviously increased risk due to their nature. In all cases Israel Inside Out accepts no liability or responsibility – the decision to partake of the activity or visit the place is entirely and solely yours alone and you alone are responsible for your safety and that of your party including children.

Israel Inside Out Copyright

We hope that this guide proves enjoyable, useful and fun. You may quote small amounts of our data using the supplied social networking tools and with appropriate acknowledgment and with a link back to the source.

The content and media remain the property and copyright of Israel Inside Out (unless otherwise noted.) You may not copy substantive amounts of content (scaping or similar methods) without prior consent in writing.

Israel Inside Out Governing Law

Israel Inside Out is based in the State of Israel and the laws of the State of Israel are the governing laws.

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