The Banias in Winter

The Banias

The Banias is one of Israel’s most popular beauty spots in the North. It is located just east of Kiriyat Shemona (on Route 99). It has religious significance, ancient history and is simply a beautiful place on earth. It is also very accessible to the infirm with much of the main areas paved and flat. The walk along the stream is relatively undemanding and rewards the rambler with stunning views. At the far end there is an impressive waterfall that is not too far from a car park (good paths but a bit of a descent/ascent.)

The winter of 2012-2013 was particularly wet, with dramatic storms, a healthy rise in the level of the Kinneret and even a very heavy Snowfall in Jerusalem. Many of the rivers and streams of Northern Israel – especially in the Golan Heights and Mt Hermon regions where filled and provided a popular and beautiful sight.

The Banias Waterfall and Banias Stream reached levels that have not been seen for several years. Many locals took the opportunity to visit and to enjoy the wet views.

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Nearby – Nahal Saar – Saar Stream,  Nimrod’s Fortress & Mount Hermon


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