Spring on Mt Gilboa

Mt Gilboa is located at the northern end of the Jordan Rift Valley, south of Bet Shean. Eastwards Mt Gilboa faces the Jordan Rift Valley and the Mountains of Moab in Jordan.) To the west it faces Samaria, to the North it faces the Jezreel Valley and  Mt Tavor (Tabor) .

Mt Gilboa is famous in the Bible as the scene of King Saul’s final battle; where he and his son Jonathan fell, fulfilling Samuel’s prophecy that Saul’s reign would not continue and ushering in David’s kingship. David famously laments them “how the mighty are fallen.”

The views from Mt Gilboa in all directions are stunning – the Jezreel Valley & Harod Valley, Samaria and towards the Mountains of Moab. Mt Gilboa is also a site of outstanding natural beauty and the exceptional winter of 2012 has helped to bring out its full glory.

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