Spring in Mt Tavor (Tabor)

Mt Tavor (Mt Tabor) is a beautiful spot at the north eastern end of the Jezreel Valley, in the distance (south) Mt Gilboa is visible. It is a very distinct hillock, set apart from the valley and from surrounding hills. Mt Tabor commands the strategic Jezreel Valley one of the primary east-west routes that lead to the Mediterranean Sea.

Mt Tabor  is important in Jewish tradition as being close to the war with Sisera and the Canaanites that was led by Deborah and Barak and won by Yael (Judges 4) who sedated a fleeing Sisera and then killed him with a tent peg in his temple.

Mt Tavor is also important in Christian tradition as the site of The Transfiguration.

Today Mt Tavor has a Franciscan and Greek Orthodox churches on the summit.

There is a very pleasant walk around the summit of Mt Tavor with some beautiful spots and exceptional views over the Jezreel Valley and north towards the Galilee.

Enjoy photos of spring at Mt Tabor.

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