The 2011 Zefat Klezmer Festival

The 24th Annual Zefat Klezmer Festival will be held in August in the Old City of Zefat (Safed.)


This year’s Klezmer Festival will feature as in previous years, a variety of famous Klezmer players and Jewish musicians from around the world. The Klezmer musicians will perform in the ancient alleyways and in the unique atmosphere of  Zefat. Most performances will be open to the public free of charge just come along, listen and enjoy!


2011 Zefat Klezmer Festival – Featured Musicians

There will be over 40 artists  from 6 different countries – USA, England,Slovenia, Germany, Austria and Croatia, and many Israeli artists. Ssome of the musicians are appearing for the first time in the Klezmer Festival) including Kobi Aflalo, Aaron Razel, EyalShiloach, Yonatan Razel, Erez Lev-Ari, Yechiel Frank, Mirel Reznik, Daniel Zamir, Adi Ran, Yehuda Glantz, Musa Berlin, Ariel Zilber, Sinai Tor, The Andalusian Orchestradegrees, Hanan Bar Sela, the band Lecatchila, Jamie Lloyd, and the women’s musical ensembles ‘Clizmriyot’, and many more.


2011 Zefat Klezmer Festival – For All the Family

There are many events for the whole family.  There will be children’s  ‘klezmers’ –  with the children playing on different instruments, a musical puppet theater, a magic show, stories and plays.


There will be musical tours of Zefat accompanied by klezmers in cooperation with the JNF.


The shows musicians and artists are scattered throughout the streets of Zefat. The klezmer performances will go on long into the Safed nights.


2011 Zefat Klezmer Festival – Schedule

The Klezmer Festival takes place August 15-17, with shows running in the streets of the Old City of Zefat between 2000 & 0100.


Most of the shows are free of charge.


About Zefat

Zefat is one of Israel’s really special places, full of music, synagogues, art and artists and mystic spirituality. See Zefat – The Mystical City & Zefat’s Old Jewish Quarter & Zefat Artists’ Colony


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