Tel Aviv White Night Event

Since the declaration of Tel Aviv’s Bauhaus area – “The White City” as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 2003 (for its unique Bauhaus architectural treasures), the city of Tel Aviv celebrates the “Tel Aviv White Night Event” with a variety of cultural events in its boulevards and streets. On the White Night museums are open for free all night long, and restaurants offer special deals including breakfast for the crowds of people celebrating until the small hours of the morning.


The White City area hosts an all night party and cultural event.


This year’s “Tel Aviv White Night” took place on June 30th.

The main events in this year’s  Tel Aviv White Night event included:

  1. Shopping and shows all night long in the Dizengoff Center mall, including Tatoo compound, Dance party organized by the Shenkar Design School, Street musicians, art exhibitions, and a show of the Balkan Beat Box.
  1. Indi music shows in the square in front the Tel Aviv Art Museum.


Here is a report from a guest blogger who attended the party –


If you thought Israel was just about perfectly-preserved archeological sites, magnificent desert vistas and stunning coral reefs, then it’s time to think again.


Reading about Tel Aviv in Lonely Planet guides is one thing but visiting the place is quite another. It is a city that never sleeps. Great food, golden beaches, vibrant nightlife and to be honest some of the most attractive people on the planet.


The city just held its annual White Night – a once a year extravaganza, which is an all night mix of Edinburgh Festival and 5th Avenue.


The stores stay open as long as the revelers party. Unique boutiques, elegant bistros and souvenir emporia line the pedestrianized streets, while musicians, mime artists, comedians, acrobats and a myriad more strutted their stuff in between.


So mark it on your calendar now – July 2012. Destination: Tel Aviv.

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