Jerusalem Knights Festival 2011

Jerusalem Knights Festival
The popular Jerusalem Knights Festival (aka The City of Lions Festival) will be returning to Jerusalem in November 2011. The Jerusalem Knights celebrate Jerusalem’s medieval past and is primarily centered on the Christian Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem.


There are lots of street performers and entertainment – jesters, knights (of course) princes and princesses – dancers and jugglers and the sounds & sights of days from long ago. If the 2010 Jerusalem Knights Festival is a guide there will also be many modern visitors thronging the streets of Medieval Jerusalem.


There is plenty to eat at the local restaurants and cafes and those in the nearby neighborhoods.


Jerusalem Knights Festival
In the meantime make a date in your diary and view last year’s Jerusalem Knights Festival –


Jerusalem Knights Festival 2010 – Video


Jerusalem Knights 2010 Photo Gallery


Jerusalem Knights Timetable

In the Old City of Jerusalem Thursday nights in November. (November 3, 10, 17, 24) from Jaffa Gate to/from Muristan Square in a circular route.


Admission is completely free.

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