Jerusalem Festival of Light 2012

The 4th Jerusalem Festival of Light 2012 took place from June 6 – 14  all over the Old City of Jerusalem. The night time shows featured light displays, street performances and amazing exhibits built out of light.

By far the highlight was the amazing light dome by Jaffa Gate – but there were many special sculptures, shows and displays using traditional and modern multimedia techniques.

About the Jerusalem Festival of Light

Artists used light to explore urban landscapes, and the squares, passages, alleys and walls of Jerusalem’s Old City make for a unique and compelling setting to explore the ancient in an ultra-modern setting.

Most of the exhibits were out there in the open air, visitors just wandered along the four routes through the four different quarters (Muslim, Christian, Armenian and Jewish) of the Old City. Last year around a quarter of a million visitors thronged to the Old City and thoroughly enjoyed the Jerusalem Festival of Light.

We at had an amazing time last year and this year!!In addition there were two special performances using the Jerusalem Old City Walls as their backdrop.

Jerusalem Festival of Light – Albums

Until you can get there check out the video of last year’s special performance (above) and see our Jerusalem Light Festival 2011 Album

Enjoy the photos below

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