City of Ice – Jerusalem

The City of Ice Magical World Exhibition is a new attraction coming to Jerusalem this spring.

This is the third year that Jerusalem has taken to ice attractions, two year’s ago there was a very successful ice rink located by the City Hall for a few weeks, and last year there attraction moved to the Jerusalem Old Train Station area (which is currently in thefinal stages of redevelopment and is due to open in a few weeks as Jerusalem’s latest tourist & recereation area.)


Jerusalem City of Ice 2013 Attractions

This year’s Jerusalem City of Ice features an Ice Sculpture Exhibition, with views of India, China and Japan. Over 60 ice sculputers arrived in Jerusalem and set to designing the impressive exhibit using hundreds of tons of ice.

There will be a live performance of Ice Acrobatics.

In addition there is a 450m2 ice rink that is open to the public.


Entrance to the City of Ice

The Jerusalem City of Ice will run from 20 February – 30 April 2013 and takes place in the Old Railway Station area.

It is recommended that you dress with warm clothes, gloves and a hat.


Ice Sculpture Exhibition

Daily 1100-2000

Fridays and Festival Eve 0900-1445

Saturday Night: 1 hr after Shabbat – 2145

Pesach 17/3/13-24/3/13 0930-2000


Ice Acrobatics

Daily 1700

Fridays and Festival Eve 1100, 1400

Tuesday 5/3/13 13/3/13 1330, 1830

Saturday Night: 1 hr after Shabbat – 2145

Pesach 17/3/13-24/3/13 1130, 1600

Chol HaMoed Pesach 1000, 1300, 1600, 1800


Ice Rink

Daily 1400-2000

Fridays and Festival Eve 0900-1430

Saturday Night: 1 hr after Shabbat – 2200

Pesach 17/3/13-24/3/13 1000-2000


Nearby is the popular Emek Refaim area.


Tickets for the City of Ice

Tickets are available from Bimot ticket agency on *6226 and Bimot


Further details from Jerusalem Ice Website


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