Chamushalayim (Jerusalem Weekends) 2011

Chamushalayim 2011

Chamushalayim (a play on words of the Hebrew for a long weekend and Jerusalem) started a couple of years ago and has turned into a tremendous success with Chamushalayim  proving to be incredibly successful with locals and tourists.


Chamushalayim 2011 will take place this year on the first three weekends in December.

To read this article in Hebrew – חמשושלים בירושלים

There will be a series of events taking place each weekend of Chamushalayim 2011 in four different areas of the city – Downtown Jerusalem, Old City of Jerusalem, Ein Kerem Village and the Museum District. There will also be lots to eat at different restaurants and many visitors will take the opportunity to spend the weekend in Jerusalem.


More Details on the Chamushalayim Website


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