Don’t Miss in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv prides itself on the city that never sleeps, yet for many visitors it is just a beach resort – here are a few things to try when you fancy a change from the beach.

Jaffa  (Yafo)

A very old port in fact it is where Jonah set off on his trip to meet the whale. Today Jaffa is a restored old town and port, full of sea views, charming alleys, restaurants and shops. Perfect place to visit both by day and by night – see An Introduction to Jaffa, Jaffa Walk & Old Jaffa Album

The Beach Tayelet

Runs for over 5Km between Jaffa & the Tel Aviv port. Take a stroll and check out the different beaches and areas. See The Tayelet & Tel Aviv Beaches

Visit Tel Aviv Port

Fantastically restored a happening place day and night; although not many boast in evidence any more. If you want you can go North over the new bridge to the New Tayelet,  or walk along the banks of the Yarkon. See Tel Aviv Port

Visit the New Tayelet

A very different beach walk just north of the port. See The “New” Tayelet & Tel Baruch

Yarkon Park

The Yarkon meets the sea just north of the port and the banks are a great green park – walk, jog, sit picnic, ride swings and go to the zoo. See Yarkon Park

Ganei Yehoshua & The Boating Lake

The continuation of Yarkon Park is Ganei Yehoshua – a much bigger area complete with a boating lake and the popular Seven Mills area. See Yarkon Park

Neve Tzedek

Is one of the oldest parts of Tel Aviv and a base of culture. It is now being extensively renovated and going very upmarket; a wonderful place for a stroll and to soak in some of the early history of Tel Aviv; enjoy the diverse architectural styles and to guess the price tag. See A Walk in the Historic Neighborhoods of Little Tel Aviv


The Shenkin Area

One of the trendiest streets in Tel Aviv a place you must visit. Combine it with a visit to the Carmel & Nahalat Binyamin & at the other end of Shenkin is Rothschild Boulevard. See Shenkin Area

Bauhaus Architecture

Tel Aviv is the global powerhouse of the Bauhaus, learn to recognise the distinctive style.

Azrieli Tower

The round tower of the Azrieli Center is the tallest building in Tel Aviv. There is an indoor observation deck and a highly regarded kosher restaurant. The Azrieli Mall is one of the largest malls in Israel (entrance to the observation deck is from the mall.)

Catch a Museum

Makes for a change of pace and offers indoor relief from the heat. See Tel Aviv Museums


Tel Aviv’s newest historical neighbourhood – the Old Jaffa station has been renovated and is now a great place to walk around, shop, eat and enjoy the museums and events. Located on the border between Tel Aviv and Jaffa – just off the Tayelet (sea front) and near the hotels. See HaTachana


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