Yehudiya & Zavitan

The Yehudiya is probably the top walk in the Golan, with ladder descents and at one point a leap into a pool (protect cameras, wallets phones etc. because they are going in the water – just like you!!)


As such this is not suitable for pre-teenagers, but, it is extremely good fun. In order to complete this route you need to be able to swim.


The Zavitan walks  are excellent and more children friendly than the Yehudiya but definitely not trivial.


Both walks set off from the Yehudiya camp ground.


For both walks you need plenty of water, and clothes and shoes that can get soaked and you are advised to check in at the info center for latest information before you start.


See Yehudiya Nature Reserve


See also Nature Reserves


Getting To The Yehudiya

On road 87

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