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The Banias

The Banias is one of the sources of the Jordan River. The national park (see Nature Reserves) is one of the delights of the north. It is very easy to explore here and wander along the river bank enjoying the shade and the water. One of the places that you can return to time and time again.

There are a few places to dip your feet (if the  rangers don’t spot you) but, this it is basically forbidden to get in the water at the Banias. About half way along the trail you will normally find a friendly Druze family selling home made refreshments including – made on the spot – pitot.

There is also a slightly longer route that takes in a waterfall – if you have two cars then leave one at the other end otherwise you will have to walk back along the road to the main car park. Alternatively, you can drive to the waterfall (same ticket).

The first section of the Banias is wheelchair and stroller accessible, but a large part is a trail – easy going but unsuitable for stroller and wheelchairs.

There are some ruins within the park – Banias is derived from the Greek Pan and it also has some Christian significance. Without detracting from the historical interest this is primarily a lovey nature reserve.

See Banias Nature Reserve


Getting To The Banias

On the road 99 (main east road from Kiryat Shemona)

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