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Sachne – Gan HeShelosha

Sharing a common entrance (and entrance ticket) with Gangaroo is Sachne – no less interesting, but, a completely different experience – beautiful pools and streams.

Sachne is a series of natural pools fed by hot springs and a stream with mini-water falls and a (non-operational) mill. Although the water is warm (28c), it is amazingly cool and refreshing on a hot summer’s day. There are lush lawns located between the various pools.

The concept at Sachne is simple – go for a swim, get out and wander until you find somewhere else to swim or a spot where you want to rest. Bring and eat large amounts of food. Repeat the process until they clear the site at the end of the day!

Parental caution with children is required because of the depth of the pools.

Sachne is a large place, but it does get very crowded on summer days and weekends. Picnics here, involve the whole family and huge amounts of meat, food and equipment.

There is also an exhibit on the “tower and stockade settlements” that were so important during the British Mandate period when the establishment of new Jewish settlements was restricted by the Mandatory authorities. Zionist settlers successfully established settlements overnight. During the course of the Tower and stockade campaign, 52 new Jewish settlements were established throughout the country.

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The Sachne/Gangaroo Joint Ticket

You can get a joint ticket to both the Sachne and Gangaroo. However, this depends how determined you are to see both in one day. In our experience, it is easy to be engrossed with the animals for several hours and you can spend an equal amount of time wandering around the park and swimming in the pools at Sachne. Together with the historical tour, this can take a full day, especially in the heat and if you favour a leisurely lunch. Of course it is possible to see both and if your time is limited it would be a shame to miss one at the expense of the other. So plan your time and consider your plans.

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Getting To Sachne

On road 669, bus 412 (Bet Shean – Afula) passes the site.

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