Days Out in the Galilee & Golan

Rafting on the Jordan

Rafting on the Jordan is one of the classics of an Israeli summer, known in the local vernacular as “kayaking”. There are several places to rent equipment along the Jordan. You get all the gear needed including life vests.

So the first thing that you need to know is that the Jordan is not the Colorado river, this  generally isn’t white water rafting – it is more of a gentle float apart from an optional slightly more challenging route. The second thing is that there really isn’t any point in complex paddling and steering – for the most part you can do next to nothing and let the river do the work – now and again you need to watch out for the branches and the banks; but that is it.

There are two ways to progress – just enjoy it. Or if you are teenagers (in body or in mind) and there is more than one raft in your party – well let’s just say it is hot and so lots of water has a cooling affect.

Generally, you get to go down the river for an hour or two – you can pull onto the bank and have time out and a picnic – and then you reach the stopping point. They haul you out and then take you back to the start, on an old bus.

As a variation on a theme, in some places it is possible to float down the river in individual inner tubes – just follow the crowds.

Many of the kayaking outfits also have overnight camping facilities and many outward bound adventure activities.

We have no personal recommendation of these suppliers, but would be happy to get feedback.〈=1〈=1〈=1

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