Nahal El Al

Nahal El Al is one of the more popular walks in the Golan and takes you to the White and the Black Waterfalls. You should see water most of the year.

This is a “family” walk – so you will see small children and lots of baby carriers. However,  it isn’t trivial and you will need to bring lots of water and keep an eye on the children but it is definitely do-able. Go-get children will do well here. The full walk is 5-6 Km long and takes 3 – 4 hours but, since you can swim in the water at the bottom of the falls, the whole event can take considerably longer.

As always parental caution is urged on the rocks and when swimming in the pools.

Nahal El Al can be combined with camping at the Avnei Eitan – Indian Village

Nahal El Al is not a circular route so if you have two cars leave one at the finish; or one driver will have to hitch back to the start or, better, walk back along the trail.

Alternatively, if you want to save time or only have one car then you can start from Avnei Eitan and walk down to the Black Waterfalls (and back). It takes around 30 minutes in each direction. Or you can hike from the other end to the White Waterfalls in about an hour each way.

Getting To Nahal El Al

On Road 98 – one trail head is inside the village of Nov. The other trail head is signposted on the road near the village of Eli Ad. The normal direction is from Avnei Eitan to Eli Ad (but see the comment above about shorter options.)

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