Days Out in the Galilee & Golan

Hula Lake Bird Sanctuary

Israel is located on one of the main bird migration routes and is a paradise for bird watchers with several observatories along the migration route along the Great Syrian African Rift Valley (Road 90 in modern language.)

The main observatory is on the Hula Lake (Agmon HaHula Reserve), once a large swamp that was dried in the early days of the State of Israel and flooded again when environmental awareness grew again. The Hula Lake is a main attraction site for locals and visitors hosting millions of birds in the migration seasons. In the last years the nature conservation authorities are even feeding the birds in order to avoid damage for the fishing industry in the area.

The Agmon HaHula has seasonal activities all year round and offers, night time and dawn activities. It also has some hiking trails, bike trails and a special safari wagon tour. It is a firm favourite with many visitors.

Agmon HaHula is located to the east of Road 90 just south of Koach Junction.

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