Days Out in the Galilee & Golan


Gangaroo – Sounds like Kangaroo and means (wordplay) the Kangaroo Park.

An amazing park dedicated primarily to Kangaroos but, more broadly, antipodean animals. The Kangaroos are free to wander – or should that be that the humans are free to wander amongst the kangaroos and to feed them?

The fun of wandering, feeding and jumping with the kangaroos makes this a firm favourite with the children and with any adult who has a healthly curiosity. It is fiercely hot here during the summer, but, fortunately there are some good options to cool off (see Sachne below).

Apart from the kangaroos there are koalas and other animals and birds from down under.

This really is a very special place, apparently an officially recognised Australian wildlife resort. Most of the park is flat and should be reasonably accessible. A great place to get some special photos and confuse everybody – where did you go?

See more photos in our Gangaroo Gallery.

The Joint Ticket

Gangaroo is co-located with Sachne – Gan HeShelosha. You can get a joint ticket to both Sachne and Gangaroo and it certainly can save.

However, this depends how determined you are to see both in one day. In our experience, it is easy to be engrossed with the animals for several hours and you can spend an equal amount of time wandering around the park and swimming in the pools at Sachne. Together with the historical tour, this can take a full day, especially in the heat and if you favour a leisurely lunch. Of course it is possible to see both and if your time is limited it would be a shame to miss one at the expense of the other. So plan your time and consider your plans.

Getting There

On road 669, bus 412 (Bet Shean – Afula) passes the site.

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