Days Out in the Galilee & Golan

Fruit Picking in the Golan Heights with Eyal

You can enjoy yourself, picking of various types of berries and other tropical fruits in the fields of Shahal, a village in the Golan Heights.  The site is open from May until the end of August (closed on Saturday).

When entering the farm you get baskets in which you can collect the fruits.  Strolling through the fields you will be able to pick, collect and eat different types of fruits including: rich variety of strawberries, raspberry, figs, currants, blueberries, mulberry, cherries, grapefruits and the local fruit the Sabra. (Sabra is also the nickname for native born on Israelis – prickly on the outside and soft and sweet on the inside just like the fruit!)

There is also a small shop where you can purchase products made of the local produce.

This is a great way to take some time out when touring the northern part of the Golan Heights.

Getting to Shahal

The grounds are on route 978 between Odem and Wasset junction

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