Days Out in the Galilee & Golan

Eden Spring

Mei Eden is a very popular brand of mineral water in Israel and you can visit the spring which is the source of all that bottled water. This is a great spot, easy and accessible, running water, flowers, space for children to run and splash. Marvellous.


Nobody really minds that you can’t actually see the mineral water spring in the sense of a gurgling gush of water. It is hidden from view underground and it is a bit of a disappointment¬†just¬†to see some rocks with a black pipe. But the rest of the site more than makes up for it.

Overall, it is a great place to spend an hour or two, especially with younger children. The first part of the Eden Spring is wheelchair accessible (as far as the first pools.)


Eden Springs are located near the Hativa Sheva (7th Armoured Brigade) memorial. Also worth spending some time with children – they can clamber over some tanks. This brigade is legendary for its historic defence of the Golan (and therefore, all of northern Israel) in the initial days of the 1973 war.

Getting There

On road 87 near the junction with the 9088, near Katsrin.

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