A Walk in Nahal Qumran

Nahal Qumran runs through the Judean Desert and runs through a dramatic gorge towards the Dead Sea by the ancient village of Qumran.

Qumran is famous as the home of a small sect of devout yet monastic Jews at the end of the Second Temple. The hermits devoted much of their time to writing scrolls that they hid in nearby caves. The scrolls were discovered many years later – The Dead Sea Scrolls.

Exploring Nahal Qumran

Nahal Qumran is accessible from the Qumran National Park – just follow the green trail markers. The climb is fairly short but can be a little challenging in places, but the views from the top are extremely rewarding. Following the trail west into the desert hills reveals some dramatic scenery. The wadi itself is dry almost all year round, but after a wet winter such as in 2012 there is some water and some spectacular flowers show their colors.

Getting to Nahal Qumran

Access from the Qumran National Park or a (two car trail) from Route 90 near Ein Fashcha ending at the Qumran National Park.

For more photos and a video see the Nahal Qumran Album

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