Cycling in Tel Aviv

Cycling in Yarkon Park

The Yarkon River meets the sea at the Tel Aviv port. The Yarkon isn’t the Thames, Danube or the Hudson, but it is set in a stunning green lung running through Tel Aviv – the Yarkon Park.


Endless, trees, shady places, rowing clubs, climbing walls, petting zoos, and people and more people providing the dynamic landscape.


It is possible to cycle 10Km inland on paved roads (northern path) and about 4Km (southern path – cross to the North on any of the numerous bridges – the most convenient is the wooden foot bridge just after the petting zoo.)

This is were Tel Avivians come to exercise, to stroll, picnic and hang out. See how the people change depending where you are and at what time of day. Most of the path is good enough to get up to real speed, although you need to keep your eyes open for animals, children and everybody else enjoying the park at their own speed.


Bring along a picnic, or go boating in the Ganei Yehoshua Lake and relax in the Seven Mills enclosure.

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