Christian Sites in the Galilee

Yardenit Baptismal Site

Yardenit is located at the northern end of the lower or long Jordan River, near where it flows south out of the Sea of Galilee.  The Yardenit, (meaning ‘little Jordan’ in Hebrew) is visited by hundreds of thousands of Christian pilgrims every year, many of whom revere it as the baptismal site and come to be baptized themselves.  Some pilgrims choose to have second baptisms or rededications at the Yardenit.

Yardenit as a Baptism Site

The baptism of Jesus is described in all four gospels.  Christian traditions differ regarding the site for the baptism of Jesus.  Some prefer the Yardenit, while others favor sites near Beit Shean and Jericho such as the Qasr al Yahud Baptism Site .  Those favoring the Yardenit associate it with a place called Beit Abara mentioned in the Gospel According John.  They also note that Jesus went from Nazareth or the Galilee to the Jordan to baptized and cite the Yardenit is located on the Jordan close to the Galilee.

Beyond its religious significance, the Yardenit, especially when not crowded, is a charming location to drink coffee and enjoy shady, tranquil views of the lower Jordan River and possibly even see some wildlife.

The site is reasonably wheelchair accessible.

Getting To The Yardenit

On road 90 south of Tiberias and just north of Kibbutz Degania – make the turn towards Kvutzot Kinneret and the site is almost immediately on your left.

Yardenit Opening hours

8:00 – 18:00

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