Christian Sites in the Galilee

Mount of the Beatitudes – The Sermon on the Mount

Sitting on a spur of a hill overlooking Tabgha and Capernaum, the Mount of the Beatitudes is revered as the site where according to Christian tradition Jesus delivered the “Sermon on the Mount” (Mathew 5:1-35).  The Mt. of the Beatitudes is also revered as where Jesus chose 12 of his disciples as apostles (Luke 6:12).

Today the Mt. of the Beatitudes is marked by a church crowned with a dark copper dome set among well groomed gardens.  The dome is supported by an octagon, each facet representing one of the blessings of the Sermon on the Mount.  The floor of the church is decorated with symbols of the seven virtues around an altar with an arched canopy.

The contemporary church was designed by the Franciscan architect Antonio Barluzzi and was built in 1937 with funds provided by the Italian government.  The church, gardens and adjacent pilgrim hospice are maintained today by Franciscan nuns.

The site is reasonably accessible in a wheelchair.

Getting There

Road 8177 – just east of Road 90 (the main north south road) – just north of Kfar Nahum Junction

Opening Hours

  8:00 – 11:45, 14:30-17:00 (April-Sept.), 14:30-16:00 (Mar.-Oct.)

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