Children’s Jerusalem Must Do Sites

Another great children’s (of almost all ages) activity is to do some of the fun sites – they are just a bit different from the regular tourist activities. However, they are really part of the essential Jerusalem – so both the family and your tourist conscience will both be happy.


The details are covered under Jerusalem sites – but here is a list of some of our favourites…

Explore the Old City from above on the·Old City Wall Tour – can you find the hidden stables?·

David’s Citadel – actually built by Suleiman and not David – but great fun anyway see Tower of David Museum

Four Quarter’s Make a Whole – Explore the rooftop lookout where the Four Quarters of Jerusalem meet· try the Roof Top Walk

Why Doesn’t the Windmill Work? – Check out the famous windmill and touring coach and enjoy the view of the Old City Walls – Montefiore’s Windmill & Viewpoint

Hezekiah’s Tunnel – Probably the all-time favourite … get wet exploring underground water tunnels that saved ancient Jerusalem from the siege. See· City of David & Hezekiah’s Tunnel


When they are through all this, then reward them with an ice cream or dinner -· Hanging Out in Emek Refaim or let them run round in one of the Jerusalem Playgrounds or· Open Spaces


Better still cool off and visit one of the Swimming Pools