Bike Rental in Tel Aviv

There are a few places where you can rent bikes in Tel Aviv – the only one that we have used is Bike Planet, but, the others are worth checking out and we welcome your feedback.


Bike Planet – Located in the park – will need a taxi to get there (or take a bus to Ayalon Shopping mall and then 5-10 min walk)


Bike Planet


O Fun – Centrally located in Ben Yehuda

O Fun


Cycle – Centrally located in Ben Yehuda

Cycle – Ben Yehuda

2 thoughts on “Bike Rental in Tel Aviv

  1. TM

    I rented from Starbikes and they were the best. Way better than o-fun because the bike was in excellent condition. the price was great too – $150 for a full week rental. Bring a pump tho because if you ride north along the coast the off road is very bad for tires.

  2. Tom OShaughnessy

    Thank you for the info.
    Did your bike have a rack suitable for panniers?
    I’m considering doing day trips radiating from Tel Aviv if a solo tour is not practical.
    I’m reluctant to join a group as I am a bit “long in the tooth” therefore slow and would not wish to hold anybody up.


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