A Quiet Corner of Motza

Seven Sisters Road

Top of Seven Sisters Road Near Motza
The Seven Sisters Road takes you to A Quiet Corner in Motza. There are supposed to be seven sharp bends in the road that that is the source of the name. Don’t even try counting. The arguments are endless. One of the many popular stories behind the name is that drivers in a Scottish regiment, serving in Mandatory Palestine, found that the road and terrain were similar to a place somewhere in Scotland with the same name.


The road starts at the Castel in Maoz Zion – a site famous for the 1948 battle for control of the road to Jerusalem – winds through Motza, passing what was once the historic Arza convalescent home. In 1898, Theodor Herzl, during a visit to the Holy Land, planted his famous tree at this site. The tree was supposed to be a cedar (“erez” in Hebrew, and so “Arza”), but in fact it was a cypress. The tree became a site for Zionist pilgrimages so the Turks chopped it down a few years later. Tritza (of blessed memory), who was the pre-kindergarten teacher in Motza for as long back as anyone can remember, walked the children up to Arza and – standing in front of the stump – gave them a good dose of Zionist education and a real love of nature. Our kids fondly remember those rainy-day hikes of many years ago. Unfortunately, Arza has fallen victim to “progress” and a posh new neighborhood is being built on the site.


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