A Quiet Corner of Motza

Eating Out Near A Quiet Corner of Motza

Eating Out Near A Quiet Corner of Motza

We all get hungry once and a while and there are some really geat places to eat not too far away. Here is what we recommend.


Abu Gosh is famous for its local gourmet. Try the Lebanese Restaurant which is just after the turning circle at the entrance to the village, on the left. It can get rather crowded. There is an unpaved parking area on the right side of the road. Their salads can’t be beat.


For something very special, try Mujda (“Praised” in Arabic) in Ein Rafa. It is a bit tricky finding (the signs are only in Hebrew and Arabic) but it is worth the effort as the food is superb – an eclectic mixture of Middle Eastern and European dishes.


At the turning circle at the entrance to Abu Gosh, swing back in the direction of Jerusalem and after about 100 meters, turn right and follow the signs to Ein Rafa. Cross the intersection, take an immediate right and follow the road to the second turning circle. Take a right and continue on until you pass the mosque. Go up the hill and take the second left. You will see a blue house. You are there.


For European food, try Link which is located in a grisly industrial area in Maoz Zion. Go up Seven Sisters to the traffic lights and make a left. After the turning circle, make a left into the industrial complex. Follow the road through a sharp left turn until you reach the restaurant. Excellent food, although a bit expensive.


In the same complex, look for Meshek 41 which is one of the best pastry bakeries in the Jerusalem area. The bakery, in deference to all the above restauants, is Kosher. 


There is also a great wine store and a really fine spice shop, right next to Link.


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