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Your Israel Experience is a website dedicated to all the beautiful things about Israel. Here is a selection of some of their recent articles. You can find more items on the better side of Israeli life at Your Israel Experience

Susan Dellal Centre


'We are dancing our life here’

 Israel's contemporary dance scene is gaining worldwide attention, due in large part to Tel Aviv's Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theater


Tel Aviv’s Suzanne Dellal Centre for Dance and Theatre has proven that the contemporary Israeli dance scene is about much more than folk dancing.

Host of the Batsheva and Inbal Pinto & Avshalom Pollak dance troupes, the center offers more than 750 performances each year and was awarded the coveted Israel Prize in 2010 for its global contribution to the performing arts.

“There’s so much desire here to do, to create,” says director/chief choreographer Yair Vardi.


Moshe Safdie Profile



One of the world's most renowned and prolific architects, still engaged in projects across several continents, reflects on a career that almost wasn't.

Had Moshe Safdie become a farmer, some of the most striking buildings on the planet might never have been built.

One of the world's most noted architects - as well as urban planner, theorist, educator and author - Safdie was born in Haifa in 1938 into what he describes as a typical pre-state childhood spent raising bees and chickens and attending Scout meetings with his school chums. He remembers the economic austerity, as well as World War II, yet it was a time of boundless passion for the budding State of Israel.



Israeli Cloud Computing


Israeli 'cloud computing' solutions such as CloudShare and Gizmox are helping to propel a massive worldwide move to virtual information technology services. A cloud has descended on the computing world - and in that cloud, the lion's share of the applications we work with, and even the data we produce, eventually will reside.


As the cloud rolls in, Israeli companies are working hard to make sure it's as safe and useful as possible. With the recent rise of mega-data companies like Google and Amazon, the concept of "cloud computing" has spread like wildfire through the tech world. Cloud computing is based on the concept of IT-as-service, with most of the infrastructure - both hardware and software - owned and operated by service providers.


Galilean Eco Tourism


Tourists from both Israel and abroad can travel the country and enjoy activities that have minimal impact on the environment and build environmental awareness 

Environmental tourism options in Israel are growing apace, especially in the verdant Galilee region. If you want a healthy holiday, check in to the Mizpe-Hayamim Hotel, Spa and Organic Farm.


Israeli Wine Update


Israel's mostly-cooperative climate; new, quality grape varieties; and the expertise of young winemakers who've studied abroad, add up to up to a wine revolution.


Noah may have started off on the wrong foot when he planted his vineyard in Israel, but at least his descendants are getting it right. Around the world, Israeli wines are winning prizes and accolades, which is intoxicating news indeed for local winemakers.  Top American wine maven Robert Parker says, "The wines are getting better all the time and some of them are superb." Wine magazines like Wine Spectator write "…Quality is on the upswing" and leading wine critics - and just plain folks looking for something to drink with dinner - are discovering that Israeli wines aren't just for Friday night Kiddush (blessing) anymore.


So what's changed since the average bottle of Israeli wine was a sticky, syrupy non-experience? (Which is an apt description of the wine produced by the Carmel Winery when it was founded by Edmond James de Rothschild in 1882.) Plenty. Both in terms of knowhow and the unbridled Israeli passion for winemaking.  Zichron Yakov was the first location in Israel where Carmel Winery began making wine.


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