View from the Dome of the Hurva Synagogue



The view over the Old City of Jerusalem from the dome of the Hurva Synagogue is one of the outstanding views of Jerusalem.



The Hurva (ruins) has a long and exciting history and has only just been restored to its former glory and now dominates the Old City skyline.


The Hurva is a fascinating place - for the synagogue, the impressive excavations in the foundations and for this view. It is quite hard to gain admission as you need to book in advance but it is well worth the effort. See The Hurva for more details.


+2 # E Dorfman 2011-07-19 20:36
This was a lovely presentation with good musical accompaniment.
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+1 # phillip kwame akoto 2011-12-03 23:21
i love Israel , also Israel is the world n without Isr
ael there's no world
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