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The Hurva The Hurva

  For seasoned visitors and residents alike the Hurva was for many years one of the icons of the Old City of Jerusalem. A solitary arch reached into the sky near the main square in the Jewish Quarter.   The Hurva synagogue itself was built in…
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Emek HaMatzleva Emek HaMatzleva

Emek HaMatzleva or Valley of the Cross is where the wood was (according to tradition) chopped to form the cross. Presumably in Roman times this was in the “wilds” outside town. A Greek Orthodox monastery marks the spot. Today, however, it is a pleasant area in…
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Kotel Tunnels Kotel Tunnels

The Kotel Tunnels are without a doubt one of the most incredible places in Jerusalem. Simply amazing excavations that allow you to walk along the length of the Western Wall (Kotel), peer down into previous historical times and stand opposite the Holy of Holies of the…
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