South of Tel Aviv

Water Parks - South of Tel Aviv

Water parks are an extremely popular way of spending a hot summer's day. Here are some water parks -  South of Tel Aviv

Ashkeluna Water Park

Opening hours: Sun-Fri 09:00-16:00
Dlilla Beach Ashkelon
Tel: 08 673 9971 or 08 673 9992
Cost 60 Shekels (age 3+)
There are several attractions at Ashkeluna park: Kamikaze rides, Slalom rides and Rappeling. For smaller children there is also a "Kids World" for toddlers with five mini slides and a small pool for children under age 8.

Beit Halomotay - Dreamland Water Park

Givat Brenner (Rehovot Area)
Cost: 68 Shekels for Child, 39 Shekels for adult
Tel: 08 9443331
Bet Halomotay is not just a water park for children but also a fun amusement park with a variety of attractions and activities for the whole family.Bet Halomotay is is full of creativity, surprises and play that challenge the imagination, including a special train to allow children to explore.

Historical Sites in Nitzan


On the Ruins of Kibbutz Nitzanim

For a small place, in the heart of nature, the community of Nitzan (Nitzanim) is extraordinarily rich in tokens from the past. Nitzan is hemmed in by tilled agricultural fields, scented citrus orchards, tall eucalyptus stands and golden sand dunes. Yet amidst this pastoral environment survive vivid historical remnants to serve as constant reminders of the not-so-peaceful past.

The Palace - Old Kibbutz Nitzanim


Nitzanim – founded in 1943 by East European Zionist Youth; fell to the Egyptians on June 7 1948; Nitzanim was re-established  as a Youth Home is 1949 and later in 1998 as the village of Nitzan. The former Kibbutznikim rebuilt their Kibbutz a few miles away after Israel's War of Independence War.



Palmachim Beach


Palmachim Beach is one of Israel’s secret treasures, it was recently threatened with development but thankfully that threat seems to have passed.

Sunset at Palmachim













Palmachim is not a large beach, and doesn’t have many facilities beyond a life-guard (in season), a few sun shelters and public toilets. However, it makes up for this by being one of the prettiest beaches in the country. It is bounded by some low cliffs to the south and boasts some great views of Tel Aviv to the north. Like most Israeli Mediterranean beaches it can be a great location for photography especially into the setting sun.