Bet Gabriel - A Special Place on the Sea of Galilee

Bet GabrielNow is the time to a visit to the  Galilee, spring is at its best and the whole country is sparkling with colors. Better drive off the beaten route through Afula and along the slopes of Mount Tabor which are full with almond blossom.


On your way back after visiting the many sites around the Sea of Galilee we always take the "before driving back coffee" at a unique place called Bet Gabriel on the bank of the Sea of Galilee.

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Qasr al Yahud - Baptismal Site now Open


The Jordan River at Qasr al Yahud
Qasr al Yahud
(The Jews' Castle or Palace) is a site on the banks of the Jordan River not far from Jericho.  Christian tradition associates Qasr al Yahud with the site of Jesus' baptism by Matthew (Matthew 3) and it has been revered as such from at least the fourth century. There are many monasteries and churches in the area testifying to the long religious tradition at Qasr al Yahud. In Jewish tradition the crossing of the Jordan by the Children of Israel under Joshua (Joshua 3) must also have taken place in this general area. It is also associated with the site where Elijah handed over the prophecy to Elisha and rose to heaven on a fiery chariot (2 Kings 11)


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