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Kift Zuba Kift Zuba

Zuba is a kibbutz in the Jerusalem Hills, that has turned itself into a family friendly entertainment mecca.   Kift Zuba (Fun at Zuba) is a fun pack aimed mainly at the younger kids (officially 1 to 14) – lots of small sized attractions inside and…
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Stalactite Cave Stalactite Cave

One of the special sites near to Jerusalem is the stalactite cave.   The cave is around 60m by 80m and was discovered quite by chance during a blasting session at a nearby quarry.   It is a stunning experience with some world class geological wonders…
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Sataf Sataf

Sataf is located on one of the hills just beyond Hadassah Hospital and Ein Kerem village. It is one of the places that Jerusalemites go just to enjoy the view and to chill out. At the top of the hill there is small coffee shop, or…
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