A Short Walk in the Old City of Jerusalem


Kotel & Mt of Olives JerusalemI had a lot of fun wandering round the  Old City of Jerusalem today with my old friend Pini and his wife Olga and family. This was a perfect day – bright and sunny, but not too hot. We started off at the Kotel, and then took in the view from half way up the hill on Batei Mahase Street (the final section of the Old City Rampart Walk) overlooking the Davidson Centre and towards the Mount of Olives.


We then stopped for a coffee and chat at one of the bakeries in the Jewish Quarter. Here I can report some excellent news – the Jewish Quarter used to be (sadly) well known for its poor dining options – today I realized how much the situation has improved over the past few months – there is now a whole series of new places and there is now a decent choice of both dairy and meat options – Israel Inside Out will selflessly dedicate itself to testing them and reporting its findings in the Jerusalem Food Forum. If you have already beaten us to any of the popular spots please feel free to leave your comment on the Jerusalem Food Forum


Dome of Rock & Mary Magalene Jerusalem.


Fortified we continued to the Rooftop Walk via the  Cardo and Broad Wall. As always the view here was stunning and Olga a keen semi-professional photographer was impressed. We rounded the tour off with the viewpoints from above the Kotel.


This was a perfect three hours or so in the Old City – 3 adults and 3 children under 5 had a great time.


A few observations – as always it was a delight to see how many tourists there are in the Old City – really a lively place, secondly all the Jerusalem Marathon routes passed through Jaffa Gate, through the  Armenian Quarter and then out by Zion Gate – the Jaffa Gate area has been undergoing renovations for a long time – I see that work is continuing and there is every chance that it will be complete by Friday – although I am not looking forward to running on the new cobblestones. I think that the main advantage to the run is that I will be able to take part in next week’s Jerusalem Old City Food Festival with the necessary enthusiasm and dedication.

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