Eilat, Dead Sea & the South Things to do in Eilat, Dead Sea & the South

Days Out in Eilat, Dead Sea & Negev

A Walk in Nahal Qumran


Nahal Qumran runs through the Judean Desert and runs through a dramatic gorge towards the Dead Sea by the ancient village of Qumran.

Cliff Nahal Qumran Israel

Qumran is famous as the home of a small sect of devout yet monastic Jews at the end of the Second Temple. The hermits devoted much of their time to writing scrolls that they hid in nearby caves. The scrolls were discovered many years later - The Dead Sea Scrolls.


Nahal Basor - The Basor Stream


The Basor Stream 

Nahal Basor BridgeThe Basor Stream is one of the Negev desert streams. Nahal Basor makes its way to the Mediterranean Sea from the watershed in the desert near Zin (around 80Km) and is one of the longest streams in the Negev. Some researchers have suggested that this is the biblical Egypt Stream that acted as part of the southern border of Israel in some biblical periods.


The Basor is one of the secrets of the Negev; locals may well make a special trip whilst visitors would probably justify a diversion on the way to Beer Sheva, IAF MuseumMitzpe Ramon, Sde Boker (Ben Gurion), Avdat or even Eilat. (Although there are more direct/faster routes to all these places.)


The Red Canyon


About the Red Canyon

The Red Canyon is only 200 meters long but it is deep and has beautiful red colors (don't forget your camera.) It is well worth a trip. The Red Canyon is very suitable for walking with children.


Red Canyon - Near Eilat



Israel Air Force Museum


Israel Air Force (IAF) Museum - Introduction

The Israel Air Force Museum is located on the outskirts of Beer Sheva on the edge of the Chatzerim (Hatzerim) Air Base.


Israel Air Force Museum - Mirage

The Israel Air Force Museum makes for a perfect day out for all fans of military history and planes. If you fall into this category then this is one of the secrets of Israel and certainly of the Negev. Children will love the IAF Museum.


Ein Netafim - An Israel Desert Hike with Rami


Most people visiting  Eilat will head directly to the sea and prefer the excitement of swimming with the beautiful fish and marine wildlife. I suggest that you find some time to also head in the other direction into the mountains just west of the city. If you take the road (Road 12) going up the mountains you will soon reach the sign to Ein Netafim. "Ein" in Hebrew means both "eye' and "spring." "Netafim" means small drops. Bear in mind you are visiting one of the driest areas of Israel and do not expect much water!


Hiking in Ein Netafim

Park at the parking bay just by the road and walk northbound on the signed trail until you reach the edge of the canyon. The scenery is very unique, yet it is a route that is suitable for children of almost any age. The way down, is a bit difficult with metal handles on the cliff but it is worth the decent as the surprise awaiting at the bottom gives you a real feeling of the Israeli attitude towards wet places. Once down you will discover the poorest and smallest spring you ever saw. A few drops of water collected into a miniature pond with a flake of green color on the base of the cliff, is all that you will find!


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